Redouble canvas

The word “redouble canvas” is usually used to reinforce a very old and “brittle” painter’s linen. The cloth is aging “and crumbles” by age. Sometimes it happens in combination with the repair of a big tear. The restaurators call it also “doubling” (doubling the cloth). The painting is taken from the frame and glued with reversible glue on a new piece, 1st grade, painter’s linen and then re-stretched on the old / existing frame.

Redouble the canvas of a painting

How does it work?

  1. The painting is detached from the frame and then glued to a 2nd, new piece, first quality linen. In the past, this was often done with a heated wax / resin mixture. Although this is a pretty good solution, this has the disadvantage that the painting is often extra-darkened by this treatment. Also, the replacement of this second layer – if neccesary – is very difficult. Nowadays, I use a plastic glue (a.o. of G. Berger). It is colorless and can be removed again by heat.
  2. The old painting is mounted on the new cloth, which is thus fitted with a glue layer, by means of heat. I use the heat-table or a heat spatula.
  3. After drying, is is fitted on the old frame.

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