You have a painting, sculpture or other art object you want to restore? For a good quotation it is always important that we can see and evaluate the art object / painting. Attention! Due to our on-site work, we are sometimes not present in our studio. We therefore always recommend you make an appointment for receiving a non binding quotation.


The fee of Restoration Studio Picard is € 89.00 per hour
The minimum amount for a small restoration / conservation is € 195.00 (All prices are excl. 21% VAT)
An average price for the removal of surface contamination for a medium size painting is: € 375, - to € 520, -.
The restoration of a small / medium sculpture is € 275, - to € 540, -
For varnish removal we have an average price of € 1250,- to € 2100, - . Often, during the removal of varnishes, older – sometimes with low quality - restorations appear. These must then be restored / restored.

 Picard Restoration Studio is a member of the Association of Restorers in the Netherlands