Restore on location

In exceptional cases, for example, if an owner’s art collection is very large and much needs to be done, i can restore on site. This means i can come to your house / villa with the restoration materials and do the restoration on site. The same is possible if, for example, an extremely large painting or a very large and heavy sculpture needs to be restored.

7 meter high scaffold around the sculpture

The image after restoration, with mayor – artist and restorer

Remove algae

Restore your object on location?

My studio already restored some sculptures on location because they were attached to a building. (See: Betonsculpture Landsmeer, or Deer images in Zeist). Restoration at location includes additional costs such as travel expenses and additional costs for the (improvisational) work on site. Are you interested? Make an appointment for a non binding quotation.

Picard Restoration Studio is a member of the Association of Restorers in the Netherlands